What's That Smell?

You may need a septic inspection in Huntingtown, MD

A septic system issue can cause major problems. It could cause sewage to leak into your yard or pollute your water system. That's why it's important to get a septic system inspection when buying or selling a home. Twin Cedar Property Inspections, LLC offers reliable septic inspection services in Huntingtown, Maryland. We're certified by the Maryland Department of the Environment, meaning that you can trust us to thoroughly examine every component of your septic system.

Does something seem off about your septic system? Ask an inspector from Twin Cedar Property Inspections in Huntingtown, Maryland today.

Trust the pros to handle the dirty work

Trust the pros to handle the dirty work

When you work with our inspection company, you'll get detailed services every time. We use state-of-the-art equipment, including septic cameras, and time-tested techniques. During your septic system inspection, we'll:

  • Dig up your septic tank
  • Examine interior components for problems
  • Pump out the tank to check structural stability
  • Perform a hydraulic test
  • Inspect the distribution box
  • Monitor the flow in drain fields

Learn more about our septic inspection process now by calling 443-624-0168.