Don't Let Termites Go Undetected

Stop termites in their tracks with our inspection services

If there are termites gnawing away at your foundations, you want to know now. Twin Cedar Property Inspections, LLC can check your home for termites and other wood destroying insects (WDI).

How do you know if there might beare termites in your home? Watch out for:

  • Papery, hollow-sounding walls
  • Holes in your woodwork
  • Windows and doors that are hard to close

Contact us today to schedule a thorough termite inspection with us.

Know the next step after a termite inspection

Know the next step after a termite inspection

If we find termites in your home, we'll refer you to Planet Friendly Pest Control. This local company can solve your termite problem so you don't have to worry. They'll treat your home to get rid of the termites without doing any damage to thedamaging the environment. This eco-friendly method keeps your lawn looking nice while getting rid of the pests.

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